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Our Story

Jennifer Appel began her professional career as a clinical psychologist, but the culinary arts were in her blood – she remembers her mother and grandmothers creating a variety of masterpieces in the family’s kitchen. Jennifer enjoyed cooking and baking to relax after a long day.   Before long, her hobby became a passion.

In July 1996, she threw herself into the bakery business fulltime, opening Magnolia Bakery in New York City’s Greenwich Village.  In August 1999, Jennifer ventured out on her own to open Buttercup Bake Shop.  Since its opening, the shop has experienced outstanding success with its old-fashioned American desserts and the inviting ambiance.

Buttercup’s classic American desserts continue to be enjoyed by New Yorkers of all kinds, including Martha Stewart, Al Roker, and Senator Hillary Clinton, amongst others.  Buttercup has appeared on The Today Show several times, and featured on MTV,  Fox,  CNN and more, as well as in the romantic novel  “A Match Made on Madison” by Dee Davis.